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Roman numeral date bracelet

Roman numeral date bracelet

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Custom date bracelet, Roman numerals, Couples bracelets, Boyfriend anniversary gift, His and hers bracelets, Boyfriend name bracelet

Set of 2 customized bracelets with the date stamped in Roman numbers, placed on gift wrapped message car:
"One for you one for me, together for eternity"

Custom made date or name bracelet, placed on a keepsake quote card as a reminder to him or her of that specific date, name or message that has special meaning to you both. Can be gifted to a loved one, or used as a graduation gift or a gift among best friends!

An original unisex gift that can be personalized.

ALUMINUM is a great silver color metal that won't rust or tarnish so these pieces can be worn everyday without worry of discoloration or fading. Aluminum also has a lower rate of skin reactions than sterling silver.

Each piece of jewelry will be custom made especially for you. Please keep in mind that these charms are lovingly hand stamped (no use of machinery) and could be a bit irregular which ads to the charm of owning a unique piece of handmade jewelry.

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